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Selected Publications and Media Appearances Regarding The Legal Status of Cannabis in the Cayman Islands

Last updated: September 8, 2023

Interview with Dr. Gent (Radio Cayman with host Orrett Connor)
Dr. Gent (Cayman Islands' Chief Medical Officer) is interviewed by host Orrett Connor and answers questions from multiple callers. Topics discussed include cannabis laws, nicotine vaporisers, substance misuse, and seasonal respiratory tract infections.

Cayman Compass by Reshma Ragoonath
Ganja, lottery vote unlikely until 2025 elections
Citing additional costs of having a separate referundum prior to the general election, Tourism and Ports Minister Kenneth Bryan said that the referendum would likely be added to the 2025 general elections ballot.

Cayman News Service
Cannabis "gummies" delivered without prescription
Additional information surrounding the case of the THC "gummy" sale to a minor. Dr. Gent is cited as working on a proposal that would to require the reporting of the prescription of cannabis and other drugs that have public health implications.

Cayman Compass by Reshma Ragoonath
Warning over cannabis laws after ganja edibles sold on delivery app
Report of an alleged case of a minor who ingested a THC-containing "gummy" and experienced what seems like a THC overdose. This appears to be the reason for the memo from Dr. Gent (below).

Dr. Gent, Cayman Islands' Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health and Wellness
Guidance on the possession and use of cannabinol and cannabinol derivatives in the Cayman Islands
Apparently following an incident where a minor obtained an ingestible cannabis product, allegedly without a prescription, Dr. Gent issued a statement that reiterates that all cannabis products are subject to the Misuse of Drugs Act 2017. This affirms that all cannabis products in Cayman are for medical use only and require a prescription from a physician licensed in the Cayman Islands.

Sky News
Gigi Hadid arrested after cannabis found in luggage on holiday to Cayman Islands
The 28 year old celebrity and her friend were arrested after cannabis was found in their luggage upon arriving via private jet in Grand Cayman. Hadid's representative said she had purchased the marijuana legally in New York "with a medical license". She was released after a short time, pled guilty at a court appearance two days later, and was fined $1,000.

Loop News
It is time to register to vote for the gambling & cannabis referendum
"According to a Government press release dated February 24, 2023, the Elections Office is conducting a voter registration drive to allow qualified electors to participate in the anticipated Referendum on Gambling and Small Quantities of Cannabis. Regarding the voter registration deadline, the Government said that the registration deadline is Saturday, April 1, 2023 (April Fool's Day)."

Associated Press
Cayman Islands to hold referendum on decriminalizing pot
"Lawmakers in the Cayman Islands have voted to hold a referendum on whether to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana and create a national lottery following a decades-long debate."

Radio Cayman
Interview with Dr. Marc Lockhart, (Psychiatrist in the Cayman Islands)

Henry Orren "Orrie" Merren IV, Attorney-at-Law (Cayman Islands)
Re: Draft Amendments to the Misuse of Drugs Act (2017 Revision) for Decriminalisation of Cannabis
Introduction and context for the Draft Ammendments provided (linked below)

Henry Orren "Orrie" Merren IV, Attorney-at-Law (Cayman Islands)
Draft Amendments to MDA for decriminalisation of cannabis
The draft amendments (full-text)

Cayman Islands Government
Cayman Islands Misuse of Drugs Law (2017 Revision)
The legislation that made cannabis extracts (such as those containing THC and CBD) legal for possession and medical use when prescribed by a medical doctor licensed to practice in the Cayman Islands.

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