Lifestyle Course Correction

Dr. Kwinter is experienced in helping patients identify and intervene when their lifestyle and habits are not aligned with their health goals.

Have you experienced a deterioration in your activity level, eating habits and/or mood?

Are you gaining weight, losing muscle, or experiencing low energy?

Extra weight is a major risk factor for developing health problems including diabetes and hypertension. Weight gain does not have to be a consequence of aging.

Lifestyle Course Correction steps:

Dr. Kwinter will help you take an inventory of your current lifestyle choices and any symptoms you may be experiencing.
Through insightful medical interviewing, Dr. Kwinter will help you identify any root causes of health decline. These may include social and medical challenges.
Dr. Kwinter will help you identify opportunities to:
  • Restore balance and improve the quality of your life
  • Restore a sustainable trajectory of health and wellness
  • Reduce the risk of preventable diseases and undesirable outcomes
Dr. Kwinter will work with you and liaise with other healthcare professionals on your behalf to create a plan for your Lifestyle Course Correction. This may include:
  • Physiotherapy to build a personalized exercise regimen that is both high-yield and injury-preventative
  • Mental health counseling when needed
  • Medical follow-up and supervision to ensure success
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